Bill Feehely

Musician, Actor, Director, and Playwright.

Musician, Actor, Director, and Playwright. 

Outside Paradise: 

Received a $20,000 grant in 2010 to write a play focusing on the life of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Produced and directed in 2012 – 13 season. Called, “exquisitely crafted and wonderfully creative,” by Broadway World regional critic Jeff Ellis.

The Trojan Women:

Written in collaboration with other Actors  Bridge Ensemble members after receiving a grant to adapt the Greek play for stage. The script incorporates interviews from the Kurdish community and features original music and scoring by Bill Feehely. Nashville Scene honored it with ‘Production of the Year’ in 2004.

Ordinary Heroes:

Received a $20,000 grant to working in conjunction with writer and Artistic Director of the Amun Ra Theatre Company to create an original piece focusing on Nashville and the Civil Rights Movement.

Working with Glass: 

An original comedy-drama about a young psychotherapist written and produced in 2002 to critical acclaim.

American Duet:

Served as book-writer of musical in collaboration with Grammy Winner Marcus Hummon.

Previewed in 1998 and premiered in 1999 at Actors Bridge Ensemble. Later DUET was featured in the prestigious Eugene O'Neill Summer Workshop sessions. American Duet takes you on a musical journey with two cultural anomalies: Hank Jefferson, a black country singer and Michael Ibo, a white African pop vocalist. Through a combination of monologues, scenes, and musical numbers, the play examines the fragmentation of American music and confronts a basic human dilemma: how to maintain our dreams in a world full of compromise. In this musical, each man takes us on his journey to fame and shows us the price of crossing the racial line that runs through American music. 

The Round (Working Title): 

Book and additional compositions for musical with Julie Forester and Kirsti Manna.